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The New Consumer in the Changing Industry


The construction industry is changing rapidly, and these changes are leading us to better, faster, and safer ways to build our future. The process of building is no longer one-dimensional. There is so much that consumers are expecting within the building industry, whether it’s technology, design, manufacturing, or even entertainment. As the lines between these individual aspects of construction are blurred, we are staring at a new type of consumer that we call convergence customers. The demand for construction to become repeatable through panelization and prefabrication is leading the industry into what seems like a renaissance.

Convergence and Construction

Convergence is blurring the lines between individual construction aspects and demanding technology to communicate and adapt to all steps of the building process. When I was building a home for my family, I experienced firsthand how inefficient, long and complicated the building process was. I knew there had to be a better way to create the most important place in people’s lives. Agorus was created with the goal of eliminating the inefficiencies and complications that are associated with traditional homebuilding.

Construction Drive released a blog explaining the way convergence customers are changing the way the world builds. In the blog, Amy Marks, the VP of Industrialized Construction at Autodesk states, “To me, it’s how many constraints can we remove? We’re managing a workforce that’s hard to find right now — a declining workforce. And we could sit with that problem, or we could say ‘how can we solve it through off-site manufacturing?” At Agorus, we are tackling the constraints within the construction industry head-on and are using our advanced technologies to build homes with unparalleled precision at unprecedented speeds.

Technology for the American Dream

Agorus is excited to continue to digitize beautiful, customized home plans that help turn the American Dream into a reality for many, while fighting to combat America’s housing crisis.

We are digitally designing homes down to every last inch and finishing nail. We can assemble a complete home on-site in five days with an installation crew of four. No more ‘slow and unpredictable’ – welcome to the new world of fast and reliable. Through data-driven results, industrialized construction is leading the way in the construction industry’s renaissance and Agorus is excited to be at the front of this revolution.

For more information on the new type of consumer and what the future of the construction industry looks like, read Construction Drive’s blog ‘Contech leaders say convergence is driving a construction industry renaissance’.

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