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The American Dream


When does “tried-and-true” give way to “bold-and-new”?

Can a team of four install a fully framed home, on site, in 3-5 days?

Are we destined to continue building the same way for another hundred years?


Agorus products ONE Build™ ONE Shell™ and ONE Frame™ make it possible for today’s builders to achieve new productivity and customer trust in ways they never imagined.

Agorus supports the housing developer with a complete home solution from early architectural drawings, through structural engineering, to final installation.

Visualize the possible.

Agorus ONE Phase was created to help home builders change the game

The Agorus process is digital from end-to-end, starting with automated and up-front pricing.

Our ONE Plan integrated software digitizes your building plans into a complete virtual model with integrated structural engineering.

Plan review is a collaborative Virtual Reality (VR) walk through of the model with tradesmen, developers, and Agorus working together.

Once the plans and model are finalized, Agorus software guides precision robotics to build customized solutions for the complete home – walls, floors, roofs, and stairs using high quality materials, in climate-controlled facilities.

This unprecedented level of precision results in Agorus Products (ONE Shell and ONE Frame) that can be installed on site in 5-10 days, with no rework or refitting for custom, single or multi-family homes.

From architectural plans through full rough trades, Agorus provides a customizable precision product to meet builder’s needs.

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We help builders consistently deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget, growing their reputation and meeting the new challenges of this changing world.

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