ONE Build

State-of-the-Art Construction for the Whole Home

It’s the way we build.

There’s only one company that uses the latest digital software, proprietary robotics, and modern building techniques to build custom homes. One company that delivers finished, precision-built building solutions to your job site.

Agorus ONE Build products include rough trades for the entire home (walls, floors, stairs, ceilings and roofs) and include:

ONE Build

Build in days, not months

The off-site home construction industry is rapidly changing. Agorus supports housing developers with a complete home solution spanning early architectural drawings, through structural engineering and manufacturing, to final installation. We help builders consistently deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget, growing their reputation and meeting the new challenges of America’s housing crisis.

Together, we’ve built company that uses the latest digital software, proprietary robotics, and modern building techniques to produce custom homes. A company completely focused on delivering finished, precision-built framing solutions to your job site – Agorus.

We take your custom plans and create a precise digital model of every piece of material used to construct a custom home. This is not just a pretty render; it is the exact, structurally engineered representation of what will be built on-site, down to the last nail. This digital model is the single source-of-truth for planning. The model enables Agorus to find the construction clashes and problems in the virtual world first before they become a problem on site.

Agorus creates a complete engineering plan from the same virtual model created in the planning phase. We export the plan from our software for the city’s permitting. It’s not a simple CAD file that lives on paper. It becomes a digital model of your structurally engineered custom home. With our engineering software you can walk through the entire home, including all MEP planning. Do you want to change a window? The actual virtual header changes with it and includes all the relevant information, calculations, and material needs. Did your tradesmen find a problem with the HVAC routing? Our vertically integrated engineering addresses it, long before a single board is cut.

VR serves a unique purpose in the home construction process. Most housing developers haven’t recognized VR’s full potential…yet. Through the power of BIM Digital Twin design and Agorus software, you can walk through the exact home that will be built on-site to approve every detail. No more flipping through pages and pages of oversized plans, trying to visualize what is happening in your head. This is VR built for the building industry.

Our climate-controlled, off-site construction facilities are equipped with our proprietary software-driven robotics that allow us to build precision-cut walls, floors, stairs, and roofs. This level of precision is simply not possible by hand, ensuring accuracy to 1/16”, without any upcharge for the quality. These custom framing solutions result in a home, delivered exactly as expected, competitively priced, without change orders or delays.

This isn’t your father’s old school panelization. Our prefabricated walls, roofs, floors frames and trusses are built with high-grade lumber directly from the mill and predrilled, so plumbers, electricians and HVAC trades don’t have to drill holes on-site. Trades can simply connect the MEP junctions between panels. Agorus ONE Shell delivers lasting, high-quality walls that arrive complete with windows, doors, and insulation so your custom home is dried-in immediately and protected from the elements.

The Agorus Installation process provides framers with a far more efficient build in a shorter time. We transport components to your jobsite where they are assembled by skilled tradesmen – yours or ours. Agorus-built prefabricated framing materials are delivered, ready for framers’ installation and inspection. And with our focus on green building, our installation process saves time and reduces the impact on the neighborhood and the environment.

Our goal is to help make housing developers more efficient. And with the increasing turmoil in construction trades, they deserve this type of support.

Because green building is increasingly important to our partners, Agorus uses many recyclable and renewable materials in our framing solutions to reduce construction waste and minimize energy consumption. With green building, we are seeking to make carbon-neutral panelization construction a reality by using renewable building material like timber, rather than steel and cement (largest producers of CO2). We ensure that 100% of our waste is used or recycled off-site.

There is no better time to put Agorus green building engineering into practice, empowering your craftspeople with new technology and better processes.

Agorus Products – Choose the level of integration that best suits your needs for custom prefab, single or multifamily homes.

The ONE Build Construction Process

Is it possible to frame a home in 3-5 days?

Our plan is going to be built in a fraction of the time, on price, and without the need for rework.

Agorus Products

Delivering custom solutions that best suit your needs for single and multifamily homes.

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