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Agorus has assembled some of the best minds in the technology and construction industry. The Silicon Valley is rarely interested in the difficult, slow facets of construction.

And the construction industry sometimes lacks necessary tools to solve their problems. Agorus unites these two industries, providing a once-in-a-generation opportunity in housing development.

It’s not enough to simply hire smart, talented people. A high achieving team requires a great culture. Here, we support each other, overcoming challenges together, and delivering the highest standard of service. Ours is a culture of collaborative teamwork, inclusive of all skills and expertise.

What does it take
to work here?

Agorus has established three core values to the company -- Teammates, Problem Solvers and Professionals.


Humble collaborators. It takes a village.

Problem Solvers

Complacency kills. Innovate into the unknown.


Take pride in your craft.

These principles are lived out in our management philosophy and is the focus that motivates our employees each day.
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