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A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Partner in 2022


Building Homes for the Future

 As the world changes, technology races along with it. Strides in science and engineering have created the tools to produce sustainable alternatives in industries like transportation, agriculture, and daily goods and services. The world is moving towards green manufacturing and net zero energy. Why would home building be any different? Still, some manufacturers in the home building industry rely on outdated construction technology.\

Agorus is on a mission to empower and equip builders with high-performance processes and technologies that transition the home construction industry out of decades-old practices and into green building. Our commitment to streamlining the construction process to improve efficiency is matched by our commitment to supporting sustainable building methods. As of 2022, Agorus® is proud to be participating in the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) Program.

What is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home?

Homes that have earned the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home certification have met strict performance guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Energy. This program has developed a set of standards that require unmatched levels of advanced installation and technology as part of the construction process. These certified homes are symbols of excellence for future-forward building, energy savings, durability, and homeowner comfort.

As a committed partner that provides certified homes, Agorus is in the top 1% of builders in the country meeting the extraordinary levels of excellence in energy and performance specified in the national program requirements.

What makes a Zero Energy Ready Home different from the rest?

With the technology and resources available as of 2022, every new home and building should be constructed with the highest sustainable practices in mind. Agorus’ cutting-edge and sustainable modern building technologies partnered with the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home guidelines save money, time, and energy for both builders and homeowners. Builders can build a home in days instead of months with greater precision while making a carbon neutral home a reality.

“The U.S. Department of Energy knows there is one chance during home construction to lock in critical performance measures that can take the homeowner experience to a new level of efficiency, comfort, health, and durability. But it will take housing industry leaders to provide this opportunity to American homebuyers.” – Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the US Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office

Unmatched Performance in Today’s Market

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home performance levels allow homes to reach unparalleled heights of design and construction that set the standard for building integrity and durability. Each home receives independent verification and diagnostic testing to ensure a thorough and complete certified performance assessment.

Homes that have earned the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home certification have met, or surpassed, a full set of criteria that ensures advanced components at every level.  Each Zero Energy Ready Home comes complete with a promise based on a comprehensive framework that delivers the best in:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency
  • Future Ready
  • Healthy Homes
  • Quality Construction                                   

Advanced Technology

Each Zero Energy Ready Home is built with the future in mind. Advanced building systems and technology meet and surpass current and upcoming energy codes. Every step of the installation process is expertly constructed. Homes are designed with high-performance windows that can regulate internal temperature during seasonal highs and lows, appliances are ENERGY STAR® certified, and even the plumbing solutions are optimized to save on wasted water.


After living in a home, it is easy to tell if it was designed and made with longevity in mind. Thin walls, drafty rooms, and uneven temperatures make for uncomfortable living conditions and constant upkeep battles for homeowners. Zero Energy Ready Homes prioritize comfort throughout the building process. Homes are constructed with advanced insulation and window technology. Air-tight sealing works to block drafts and keep outdoor noises at bay. Homes are built with noise, draft, and temperature control as priorities to ensure new levels of comfort.


 In addition to comfort, construction materials and energy methods optimize energy performance in such a way that every certified Zero Energy Ready Home is so energy efficient a small solar electric system can easily offset most, or all, of its annual energy consumption.

Future Ready

Why build for the past when you can build for the future? DOE Zero Energy Ready Home specifications ensure that all the critical details are addressed during the building process, saving thousands down the road in future amendments and upgrades. Each home meets the federal government’s most rigorous construction criteria.

Healthy Homes

Homes with fresh air feel better and allow you to live better. Building plans include advanced moisture control methods and comprehensive water protection. Fresh air systems eliminate contaminants by replacing the air inside three times daily. Top-quality air sealing and screening also block dust particulates and pests from reaching inside, and expert moisture control keeps mold and humidity away.

Quality Construction

Each home is held to higher standards than the minimum building and energy requirements. As a result, each DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is also ENERGY STAR® certified for above code energy efficiency, as well as EPA Indoor airPLUS for optimized indoor air quality.

Build for the Future with Agorus

Poor foresight when building a home can lead to higher expenses down the road on repairs, utility costs, and energy usage. Homeowners should be able to look forward to reaping the benefits and long-term investment gains that come with owning a home, and not worrying about outdated appliances, upkeep, and not meeting codes. A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home maximizes all levels of health, comfort, and quality energy performance.

Samuel Rashkin, Chief Architect for DOE Building Technologies Office, said “Zero Energy Ready Homes, like those constructed by Agorus, are the home of the future because they live, work, and last better, with incredibly low or no energy costs. And what’s exciting for American home buyers, is they are available today thanks to leading builders across the country.”

New homes are a lifetime investment. Agorus’ efforts to support sustainable building methods are solidified through the ZERH program partnership, which guarantees every homeowner can rest assured knowing they have invested in a home that is built with the future in mind.

Follow along with the current updates on Agorus projects and learn more about our methods and services.

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