The building industry is at an historic inflection point. Our entire team is here to support builders. It’s our job to help them grow their reputation in their respective communities.

Together, we provide the tools and technologies to help builders meet the demands of the modern home construction market. We join as a team to help reshape an industry.




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Garrett Moore

“In football, as in life, the most important person on the field is often the least noticed – the left tackle: he protects the quarterback’s blind side.” As a quarterback at Stanford University, this simple lesson laid the early foundation for Garrett’s servant-leadership philosophy: “It’s the people you work with every day who determine your ability to make an impact”.

After achieving a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford, and despite an early desire to jump right into a Silicon Valley start-up after graduation, Garrett’s passion to serve led him to San Diego to become an officer in the Navy SEALs. During this time, he was also selected to become an Olmsted Scholar (similar to a Rhodes Scholarship). After learning Hebrew from scratch, he earned his master’s degree in Cybersecurity at Tel Aviv University…in Hebrew! Living there in Startup Nation, he learned another critical lesson, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.”

You might see two common denominators in these life shaping experiences – a love of high performing teams and fearlessness in the face of challenges. Garrett and his co-founder Kyle run headlong into the fray when most would hesitate. “If a problem is too hard for everyone else, it’s probably just right for us”. And for that reason, he is wholly committed to solving America’s elusive housing crisis.

Garrett is married to his childhood sweetheart and loves to spend time with his family. It’s no surprise that he’s also an extreme sports guy, snowboarding, mountain biking and e-foiling whenever he can. By the way, don’t ever get suckered into a ping pong game with him. It won’t go well for you.


Kyle Tompane

There’s a common denominator to the events that have shaped Kyle Tompane’s life and career: teamwork.

  • Playing on football and decathlon teams at Colorado University, Boulder
  • Late nights in the CU Engineering Labs
  • Special operations with his Navy SEAL platoon
  • Founding Agorus with Garrett Moore
  • Rethinking an industry that has remained largely unchanged for over a century

Kyle believes that nothing meaningful gets accomplished without the efforts of a committed team. “It will take a village to innovate a whole industry”. And Kyle is excited about the team Agorus has assembled.

As you talk with him, you get the impression that Kyle’s thinking runs deep. “Businesses are really just a collection of people, seeking to do something important in the world”. He talks about the benefit of listening to his team members and facing every challenge with an open mind. He eagerly collaborates with his teams to pressure test ideas and form solutions to real-world problems. It’s not uncommon to hear him say, “OK…crazy idea here…”.

Kyle drives the same technology and product vision at Agorus that he and Garrett set in place when they started the company. Think of him as the connective tissue between Product, Hardware, Software, Marketing, and Sales. His business philosophy is based on the principle that there is no more worthy goal than having a positive impact on an individual. So it’s not a surprise that Agorus’ mission is to impact the industry to provide quality shelter and home ownership in places where there is need.

The notion of “impact” and “teamwork” shape his personal philosophy as well. Kyle and his wife are actively involved in their church’s outreach ministries (homeless aid, crisis pregnancy centers, elementary school, and mission work). He also actively supports veteran’s programs. “When we’re truly committed and we work together, we can accomplish anything”.


Peter Kent

As a Silicon Valley startup veteran, Peter Kent has spent his life growing things – businesses, startups, government entities and non-profits. As our CFO, this growth mindset makes Peter the best choice to take Agorus through its next chapter of successful growth. “What’s the key to leading a company as CFO”, you ask? Peter would tell you it’s two parts perseverance, one part collaboration and three parts integrity — being a person of your word.

So, when it comes to piloting Agorus through this next chapter, Peter daily lives out his philosophy of believing in the people around him and building a collaborative team based on trust.

Supported by a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan, Peter is an instructor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and develops graduate engineering Tech Venture Formation courses. As if he were not busy enough, Peter, always the consummate underachiever is an avid Stanford Football blogger and active volunteer with the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC). Through the ICCC he continues to build relationships, make connections and help other businesses and organizations grow. See, we told you he liked growing things.


Greg Otto

When one decides to address the quantum of issues facing the construction industry, it’s important to see the problem from many perspectives. Greg Otto’s career has primed him to do just that. Educated as both architect and engineer, he has been focused on collaborative work across the spectrum of technical disciplines key to construction, opening up the potential for innovation. Greg has had the opportunity to work with several prominent industry innovators where he has successfully led teams in all areas of the construction value chain.

As Agorus’ Vice President of Growth and Construction, Greg is charged to position and advance our housing product line. With a deep understanding of the many voices of the customer, Greg is keen to unlock untapped value within the construction ecosystem and deliver truly transformational (price, quality and performance) housing.

Greg grew up in a small town in Nebraska where he was the first in his family to go to college. His educational journey concluded at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Having experienced first-hand the value of education, he remains dedicated in his desire to imbue knowledge to others and champion education as a positive change agency. To this day, he continues to be focused on mentoring young people and encouraging them to maximize their potential.

He has taught at prominent architecture and engineering schools throughout his career, including roles most recently at the University of Southern California (USC) and the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIArc). “I very much enjoy working with young people, channeling their enthusiastic energy to purpose, and helping them seek and define new visions and solutions for the future.”


David Norris

As Head of People, David Norris has been charged with carefully selecting and motivating the Agorus team, giving them a common purpose – to change the way people build homes. It’s something he’s passionate about. “I’m excited to instill a common mission in our team. We will challenge the status quo in the construction industry. I’m committed to teaming with like-minded people in this quest.”

David studied pre-med and entrepreneurship at California State Polytechnic University, Stanford University and University of California San Diego. He served in the US Navy in Naval Special Operations, where he selected and mentored top military performers for special operations. He brings these same mentoring and leadership skills to the job every day.

He also unites his team around another common purpose – to create a workplace at Agorus that is fulfilling, not simply a fun place to work or the most competitive. David is creating a culture that brings purpose and fulfillment to the lives of the people who work here building the American Dream.


Kevin Gately

Kevin Gatley is a man on the go. As Chief of Staff, Kevin actively works with Agorus’ internal and external stakeholders to facilitate growth opportunities and monitor strategic risks. How did he come by this expertise? Some might say it’s his five years of start-up experience. Others would say it was his work at University at Buffalo School of Management. Or it could be that Kevin’s leadership, experience, grit, and determination was forged by his service in the US Navy SEAL teams. Kevin focuses every skill to revitalize the homebuilding industry and help others achieve the home of their dreams.

In his role, Kevin takes a pragmatic approach to problem-solving by gathering the critical facts, filtering the noise, and working collaboratively with Agorus leadership to find a lasting and impactful solution.

Kevin has a wide variety of interests – studying neuroscience and human performance, quantum physics and history. Sound too left brain-y? He also happens to play the piano, write poetry and enjoys sleeping under the stars. And he’s never said no to a beach run or a long hike.

Director of Construction

Brad Cameron

Brad has a simple mantra at Agorus: “Reduce construction time, reduce cost, increase building performance, and improve quality”. Agorus’ purpose certainly aligns with Brad’s passions — providing equitable and sustainable housing solutions for the future. “The design and construction of buildings is inherently difficult. Adding manufacturing just introduces another level of complexity”. But this is a challenge Brad tackles head on.

Brad graduated from the University of Washington. Then he spent over 20-years at Magnusson Klemencic Associates, progressing from a design engineer working on the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium to managing multiple mixed-use and high-rise towers all around the globe. In 2017 Brad joined Nexus Development & Construction where he served as the bridge between project entitlement, design, and construction. He is a licensed Professional Civil and Structural Engineer.

Living and working overseas has given him unique perspectives on the challenges facing our housing crisis and the construction industry. It has also shaped his world view. In his free time, Brad has participated and volunteered for church-based activities, Habitat for Humanity, refugee assistance, and various community & sustainability-based activities.


Will McColl

“Automation should serve people, not the other way around.” This sentiment reflects Will McColl’s career journey. Will is Director of Automation at Agorus and responsible for putting the right automation in place to manufacture our precision products.  Will holds a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where he first learned the magic that occurs when multi disciplinary fields work together. “This is the way true innovation happens. At Stanford, I learned to speak the different design languages of software, mechanical, and electrical engineering. One must be able to move through these different worlds to make something special.”

Not long after Stanford, Will joined a growing young outfit called Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, CA. In his seven years at Tesla, he worked with his colleagues to transition the company’s manufacturing from tabletops into the world’s most advanced electric vehicle factories. He traveled the world and built an automation team dedicated to solving difficult manufacturing challenges with beautiful automation.

Today, Will is charged with doing the same for Agorus. He believes that Agorus’ key to success will come from the innovative spirit of our local communities. He is helping create the industry’s first “micro-factory”, where there is a deeper focus on precision, craft, and community with the home builders we serve.

Will has returned to San Diego, his childhood home, and his part-time passions include surfing, swimming, and watching sunsets.


Michael Ki

There’s just something about the fast-paced, cutting-edge nature of a startup that is appealing to Michael Ki. “When you come to Agorus, you’re surrounded with smart, motivated people. It’s very inspiring”.

As Agorus’ Director of Software Development, Michael is at the center of the decisions that drive the development of our software products. He’s responsible for leading the development effort, building the team and maintaining the culture of continuous quality improvement.

This leadership role is very familiar to Michael. He has led software initiatives at University of California San Diego (his alma mater) for over 20 years and has held other IT leadership positions, including as CTO. Beyond his degree, Michael has achieved several notable certifications including .NET, C#, SQL and Agile Development. He has also taught certification courses. 

Michael is committed to lifelong learning. He loves sports of all kinds and is an avid mountain and road cyclist. He has a busy household with 3 young children , 3 cats, a dog, and 2 birds. He is very involved in the community, supporting ASPCA and the San Diego Blood Bank.  He also mentors entry-level developers, helping to refine their skills and prepare them for work in the tech industry.

Director of Finance

Erica Dzierzon

Growing Agorus requires incredible attention to financial detail – overseeing daily financial operations, providing visibility to the business, and ensuring the financial stability of the company. As the Director of Finance, Erica has a gift for numbers. She is a rare individual who geeks out over spreadsheets, analyzes the financial data and translates the numbers into action items.

A Salt Lake City native, Erica studied Accounting at the University of Utah where she received an MBA. Upon graduation she moved into public accounting as a CPA, working with small and medium sized businesses to address their tax and audit needs. She served on a team that grew top-line revenue for one company from $150m to over $3b and has been involved in multiple M&A transactions.

Erica is here at Agorus to build something much bigger than just her career. She is passionate about solving the housing crisis, making the American dream of homeownership accessible to the next generation, the unhoused, and the working class. On weekends and evenings, you’ll find Erica spending time with her husband and son, making and appreciating art through dance, design, and travel.

Director of Digital Practice

Desirée Mackey

When you set out to transform an industry you better have people with the technical skill and passion necessary to make that happen. Desirée Mackey embodies that philosophy. As the Director of our Digital Practice, Desirée is charged with implementing design processes, integrating new technologies, and mentoring her talented digital team. Desirée is a California native and a licensed structural engineer. She has a background in a wide variety of structural systems, technology, and home construction. Desirée’s experiences seamlessly align with the Agorus ethos. She is passionate about addressing the fragmented nature of our industry, using digital technology to help builders transition from conceptual drawings to in-house fabrication.

Desirée embodies a strong commitment to continuous learning, displaying a keen eagerness to expand her knowledge and skills. She has presented papers at technical conferences on four continents. In a team environment, Desirée values diverse perspectives, fostering a positive culture of collaboration. “When one team member succeeds and grows, we all win.” No stranger to challenges in her personal and professional life, Desirée knows how to bounce back and persist in her goals, never losing that positive outlook. Above all else, she values high innovation, honesty, and transparency, “The most unconventional idea often leads to the most innovative solution.”  

In her free time, Desirée has a bit of a culinary passion, supporting her husband’s colossal garden, as she figures out how to cook what he harvests. “You might call it a back-yard-to-table culinary approach”. You will also find her regularly at the gym, burning off the calories she cooks!

Director of Manufacturing

Sam Gioia

With a successful history working semiconductor and cell phone manufacturing, Sam believes that the path to building anything involves the same approach, even in construction manufacturing – Create a solid team, develop a concrete definition of the product, create a robust manufacturing process, and fostering a continuous improvement mindset, always looking for opportunities to implement sustainable, systemic solutions.

Sam has developed this philosophy having worked in various industries over the last 35+ years. His superpower is developing and improving operational processes. He leads Agorus teams by bringing a solid background in cross-functional team management. He combines this with his skill in analysis and planning, lean manufacturing and quality improvement to help Agorus reach our rigorous manufacturing standards.

Sam and his wife Sheila live in Colorado. They have five sons and nine grandsons who all live close by and keep them busy.  Sam enjoys cooking and landscape photography when time permits.

Director of Integration

Mick Kelly

Mick Kelly is leading the design development for ONE Source, Agorus’ latest software, tailored for offsite construction management. ONE Source will give our clients full view and participation in the Agorus home building development process, all the way down to shaping the way robotics are used on their projects.

Mick’s creativity, technical expertise and industry knowledge started in his formative years, with his father and uncle in the erection of modular structures across Ireland. From there he has worked with offsite companies spanning Europe, the United States, Australia, and Canada. Mick is known for building cutting-edge Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, and creating state-of-the-art software for Truss and Joist engineering, impacting large-scale projects worldwide. For the last 5 years, Mick has worked at Entekra, leading their DFM staff and spearheading the implementation of an industry-leading production control solution and DFM software configuration system.

“Agorus is building software and robotics that will revolutionize the way we work and live”. Mick’s natural curiosity and love for learning helps him embrace change and adapt to new situations. “A leader’s role is not just about achieving personal success but fostering the growth of those working alongside you.”

In his free time, Mick supports the “Little Princess Trust” – A nonprofit that provides real-hair wigs to kids and young people dealing with hair loss, due to medical conditions. “It’s a cause that really makes a difference in the lives of those going through life’s greatest challenges”.


Johannes Porsche

To Johannes Porsche, precision is beauty, and beauty is precision. As Agorus’ DfM (Design for Manufacturing) Manager, Johannes incorporates his residential and commercial carpentry experience to lead the company’s team of DFM engineers and continually improve the company’s building processes.

Having received his Journeyman Carpentry Red Seal Certificate from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Johannes jumped at the opportunity to work for PassivHaus, an offsite prefabrication company in Germany. It was there that he learned Germany’s approach to energy-positive construction which is unmatched in quality, efficiency, accuracy, and longevity.

Johannes’ precise nature is driven by his desire to develop best-in-class solutions that make Agorus homes, in a word, “idyllic”. He uses his prefabrication and 3D CAD/CAM modeling expertise to help achieve this vision. He wants Agorus homes to serve the societal need of providing quality and affordable homes for families, providing them with a beautiful and relaxing space to thrive.


Kevin Tenery

Is there really anything that can prepare someone to work at a Agorus? Kyle Tenery thinks there is. “The best preparation has been to serve a variety of roles across different industries. Looking back, the jobs that best prepared me were those that allowed me to operate in a highly independent environment to create solutions to issues.”

Talking to Kyle, you get a sense that he’s driven by early child memories. “I grew up extremely poor and we lived in low-income housing. My mom worked her tail off, saved, and ultimately was able to build a home for our family when I was six- years old”. The memory of sleeping in their own home that first night (without any furniture) motivates Kyle to come to work every day to help others achieve the American Dream.

Kyle’s home today is filled with activity. His wife, three kids and a dog help keep his tank full. Quiet moments are few and far between, but he still enjoys a simple book, hammock, a hike in the mountains, or an evening out in San Diego with oysters and cocktails.

HR Manager

Jennifer Smith

As the Human Resources Manager, Jennifer is perfectly suited to take on the role of the “mother-hen” at Agorus. What does it take to successfully support the Agorus family? Flexibility, availability, a listening ear, and a sincere desire to help people excel at their job. Each conversation with an employee provides a moment to positively impact the company.

We think Jennifer was made for this job. When you meet her, you’ll quickly see that she’s even-keeled and non-judgmental. She’s candid, yet supportive, and approaches every challenge with an open mind. She knows how important teamwork is to Agorus and works to foster collaboration. “A great idea can come from anywhere!”

Outside of work, Jennifer volunteers at a non-profit youth organization, coaching young athletes in cheerleading. She has naturally embraced Agorus’ mission to help more people realize the American dream by creating a more efficient and cost-effective way to build homes. “The world of business often focuses solely on the bottom line, but it is the people who ultimately drive those numbers”.


Grayson Lynch

Systems Engineer Grayson Lynch spends his day making sure all the machinery and robotics in our manufacturing facilities are running smoothly. As an experienced engineer with deep knowledge in IT, automation, and woodworking, Grayson is also in charge of improving the efficiency of our facilities. He’s constantly inventing new machines and applications to support our ongoing effort to deliver the best, most efficient product to our partners.

Grayson’s love of engineering started early. He attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics. As a team member, Grayson is a very efficient multi-tasker who keeps his eye on the big picture. He believes the best way to solve a problem is to distill it to its most basic components and then devise a clear, simple solution. We see this in action as he walks through the facility, determining how Agorus can bring modern, digital age innovation to the building industry.

When not at work, Grayson is involved with many charitable organizations and is an active leader in his church.


Eddie Angulo

As you walk through the Agorus production facilities you’re likely to see Eddie gathering people together to address the challenges of the day. As the Morning Shift Lead, Eddie’s drive is to create the most professional production environment in the housing construction industry. This drive started early. As a student in college, he became a part of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) where he experienced first-hand, engineers and other business professionals who were at the top of their game.

His approach to problem solving is unique. As he works with his team, one of his first questions is, “Is the problem mechanical or material? Is this a problem that we need to solve, or has it already been solved by someone else?”. This thinking fosters better collaboration within his team and instills a more professional environment. While Eddie is all about maximizing productivity, he is equally committed to creating a place where he can bring together people of diverse backgrounds to solve a common challenge, while achieving their personal and professional growth goals.

Eddie has many other personal pursuits. One of his biggest passions is supporting an organization called Charity Water, bringing clean water to the 771 million people who do not have it.


Yulin Wright

Is it possible that 26 years of military service has instilled the same level of discipline and quality required for Agorus’ Training Coordinator? We think so. And that’s why we were delighted to entrust our San Diego production facility training to Yulin. Each day, we see his disciplined nature filter through the plant to ensure that Agorus production meets our (and our partners’) expectations for quality and on-time delivery.

Yulin has applied his military service and electrical engineering expertise to his team-oriented philosophy. “I really enjoy learning from others. It’s important that we all remain considerate, open-minded and coachable”. As a result, he’s created a supportive environment where teammates can learn from one another and enhance their professional growth.

Yulin is involved with multiple charities and civic organizations, including the Military (Retired/Active) Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA).


Corey Olson

Never underestimate how your life might change when you least expect it. Corey Olson, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, met Kyle Tompane at a fundraiser in San Diego and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Corey has served in many capacities at Agorus. But in his current position, Corey has the opportunity to apply his broad knowledge of the company, combined with a servant’s heart, to develop the processes to attract and hire the top talent that makes up the Agorus team.

Corey’s spirit is contagious. He sees the workplace as a place where memories are made and life is to be enjoyed. “After all, we spend enough time at work, we might as well enjoy ourselves”. Corey has a keen, problem-solving mind and approaches every challenge by considering all aspects, then deciding and implementing a solution. He brings special skills to the job of process building, including Lean Six Sigma, Project Planning and Building Automation experience.

Corey’s work philosophy, positive attitude, and his passion – mentoring men to become leaders who make a positive difference in our world – are all informed by his faith journey. He is active with his church, serving on Sunday mornings and leading small group events on Wednesdays. During college, Corey was involved with his college’s ministry at Point Loma University. He’s also grateful for that decision to attend a fund-raiser one random Saturday night.


Kianna Jue

Growing up, you couldn’t keep Kianna Jue away from her father’s construction sites. Even as a young girl, she had a passion for architecture and home engineering. This passion ultimately led her to the University of California San Diego where she graduated with a degree in Structural Engineering. Kianna also had the opportunity to study at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy. It was a lifechanging experience that cemented her desire to create spaces where families can create memories.

As the Artificial Residential Construction (ARC) Manager, Kianna bridges the gap between the real and the imagined. Each day, Kianna performs structural engineering calculations and drafts plans for building permit sets. She is also focused on Agorus software development, increasing the ARC Team’s efficiency and product integration of construction trades. Equally technical and creative, Kianna creates processes to enhance the Agorus virtual reality models that help her teammates, partners, and customers visualize the entirety of a building.

Outside her work, Kianna is involved with the Mawanda Project, a charity that supports children and families located in Iganga, Uganda.

Software Engineer

David Jones

As a Software Engineer at Agorus, David Jones is helping us create an industry changing concept – Using robotics to turn home-building into the most efficient, reliable manufacturing process in the industry. David has been an ambitious entrepreneur most of his life. He created a 70-person technology and manufacturing company from scratch, which provided him with the technology and business experience needed to contribute in a significant way to the Agorus ethos.

David is passionate about using technology to dramatically reduce the cost of building homes. It’s clear that we will build homes this way in the future and David is excited to help make that happen. When problem solving, he takes an “aim for the stars, land on the moon” approach. “There are always time and resource constraints, but pushing the technological envelope and being pragmatic about near-term goals is a great way to maximize future potential.”

David is most passionate about creating great solutions to tough problems with high social impact. He enjoys tackling the hardest problems in priority order and then taking on the next when a new priority emerges. He also has a passion for using technology to create better treatments and cures for disease. We’re glad to have David on the team.

Project Manager

Gary Hohbach

“Project Managers in this industry must be persistent and resilient. You must constantly refine your processes to drive improvement.” As a Project Manager, Gary acts as the connective tissue for Agorus. His project leadership keeps our teams rowing in the same direction.

Gary began his career in commercial construction. Here he saw the disjointed nature of the industry and began thinking of ways to add efficiency and quality to the construction process. He adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement and learned how working within a consistent team (rather than creating a new team with each new project), could create a compounding effect on process improvement. He then applied this approach to modular construction and ultimately to Agorus. He sees the opportunity for Agorus to add significant efficiency to the construction industry, with its awesome team and its innovative software and robotics.

Gary’s career mission is to increase access to high quality housing. He is motivated to help people find a place to call home, which he sees as the foundation of a healthy life. When Gary isn’t at work, you can find him at the beach, on a trail, or somewhere outdoors!

Principal Structural Engineer

Matt Sarkan

“Innovation, by its very nature, involves achieving something that hasn’t been done before”. As Agorus’ Principal Structural Engineer, Matt’s role at Agorus is much like playing 3D Chess. He doesn’t just provide structural requirements. He must supply fully coordinated structural designs that also consider MEP integration and ultimately, the ease of manufacturing and installation. “Structural designs that are difficult to install or require retrofit work to accommodate other trades are not acceptable at Agorus”.

Matt’s career mentors have shaped his design philosophy, relying on collaboration, and coordinating plans with other consultants.  He emphasizes close cooperation between architects and MEP engineers to create plans that accommodate sufficient runs in floors for ducts and pipes. Matt coordinates adjustments in floor plans to simplify framing. For example, he aligns walls to eliminate beams and simplify lateral design. This collaborative philosophy sets the tone for Agorus’ ONE Build – engineering simple adjustments to make design, manufacturing, and installation much simpler in the field.

“The key to good collaboration is developing the practical skill of simple language – explaining code and design-related limitations to team members to help get them aligned to solve problems. Rarely does one person have the best answer; the best answer is usually evolved with willing teammates”.