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More than 50 years ago we walked on the moon, commercialized supersonic flight, and unlocked nuclear energy. America’s 21st century was bright with technology that would solve humanity’s most pressing issues: hunger, cancer, poverty, education, or healthcare. We dreamed of flux capacitors and hoverboards, but as software development rose to the top of the technology food chain, it became the ends rather than the means to solve society’s most profound problems. But today, we’re on the verge of a different inflection point. Today, the toughest opportunities in store for us can’t be solved with software alone. Humanity’s brightest future lies in real world atoms powered by bits.

If software is eating the world, then hardware gives it teeth

Few industries have been more afflicted by this trend than construction. The construction industry is stuck in a chasm between two worlds that is yet to be bridged. On one side, there are the innovation-driven technologists who haven’t been able to deliver a solution that meets the real-world housing market needs. On the other side is the hard-working blue-collar builders who haven’t been provided the technological tools to transform their industry. The result is an enormous gap between supply and demand in the housing market. As a result, half of Americans can no longer afford to buy a home. In the last 50 years, home prices have outgrown wages by nearly 800%. Today the American Dream is in jeopardy. Nationally, we are 5.5 million homes undersupplied. California alone is calling for 3 million more climate friendly homes by 2030. By the end of this decade 60% of our skilled construction workforce will retire. So, who will build our future?

The company that meets the market where it is, while building scalable technology will bridge this chasm. That company is AGORUS. By 2030, we will build 100,000 homes off-site in our regional factories of the future. We will leverage our advanced software to power our flexible robotics to build the customized housing that Americans need. These units can all be unique, tailored to match the architectural styles and residential zoning of each community. Homeowners will be able to receive keys within days of breaking ground. Entire communities will be rebuilt seemingly overnight following natural disasters. Building homes at this speed is not science fiction. It becomes a reality if we do for construction what Ford did for building cars – ignite a movement. A Boeing 737 rolls off the factory floor every 17 hours and a Tesla every 45 seconds. We enjoy the benefits of industrial automation every day, yet no one has applied this to construction. At AGORUS, we strive to be the first and will be the fastest to do so – technology built by American builders for American builders. By going back to our roots as makers and innovators we can transform our communities and restore the American Dream.

We owe it to the next generation to change how the world builds

We owe it to the next generation to change how the world builds



This journey is not for the faint of heart. It will take time, a passionate team, and operational discipline. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. At AGORUS our core DNA is the successful blend of both worlds – construction and technology. We are in love with the industry, but not its ways. Only together can we tackle this Goliath problem and make dramatic and sustained positive impact. We are a team of interdependent mission-driven believers sold on this cause and each other. We are missionaries, not mercenaries: Builders dedicated to providing one of humanity’s most basic needs at scale. We will succeed where others have failed. External distractions and pressures from society will come and go, but our eyes are focused on the prize ahead. For in the end, it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.
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