A better way.

Agorus® is a venture-backed, residential construction technology company, headquartered in San Diego, CA. We’re committed to building homes faster and more efficiently by addressing technology, labor, affordability, and sustainability issues throughout the industry. For over 100 years, homes have traditionally been built by hand, on-site. Our industry has never experienced an historic technology inflection point, until now.

A big idea from a small office

Agorus supports the housing developer with a complete home solution from early architectural drawings, through structural engineering, to final installation. We help builders consistently deliver a high-quality product, in a fraction of the time, growing their reputation and meeting the new construction challenges of a changing world.

We transform how you build

Agorus at Work

Each day, our people come to work, inspired by three values – Teammates, Problem Solvers and Professionals.


Humble collaborators. It takes a village.

Problem solvers

Complacency kills. Innovate into the unknown.


Take pride in your craft.

These principles are lived out in our management philosophy, our approach to our builder partners and our relationships with our investors.



When you seek to re-imagine an entire industry there are always questions. As a result, our relationships with our builder partners run deep. We seek to understand our builders’ individual concerns and deliver custom products, built to suit their needs.

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