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The Agorus approach to Prefab, Multi-Family Buildings


When you need something constructed, you need a reliable, experienced team of industry professionals. Unfortunately, many projects experience challenges due to unreliable workers, unpredictable weather, and lackluster equipment.

Our team of experts at Agorus understands these struggles and knows how to help you overcome them. Through the use of advanced technology, years of expertise, and a dedication to you, we aim to create a seamless experience for you from the start of the design process to the time you see your home.

Multi-Family Modular Homes

A modular home is a type of prefabricated or “prefab” home in which the project is built in an off-site factory and then assembled on-site. Multi-family modular homes can be a great option for any family looking for an efficient home build that is cost-effective, environmentally impactful, and entirely customizable.

A professionally constructed modular multi-family home saves construction teams time and money because they don’t require on-site construction. Instead, we make modular buildings in an off-site factory with an industry-leading design team and skilled builders.

Once we finish building, we will deliver the final product to your construction site. Our process results in fewer weather delays, a more efficient team, and high-qualit, yet affordable modular homes.

Agorus offers multi-family modular home builds so you can achieve the custom residential build-of-your-dreams.

Our Modular Homes

The difference between our modular homes is our dependability in quality across the board. From the dependability of service, to the materials, construction, efficiencywe are here to deliver the results you expect.

From start to finish, you get a say in the design process, down to the final millimeter. Our advanced technology enables us to give you a virtual walkthrough of your build before construction even begins.If you don’t like something, don’t worry, there’s still time to make a change. Your prefab multi family home from Agorus should be exactly what you’re looking for and nothing less.

Benefits of Prefab Multifamily Construction

Multi-family modular homes provide efficiencies and cost savings you don’t find with stick construction.  They also offer many more advantages.

Building Multi-Family Homes Off-Site Is Faster

Timing is essential for every building project. Unfortunately, adverse weather and unreliable workers can quickly delay job times, increasing costs and causing more headaches.

Having a reliable and experienced team build your multi-family modular home in a factory means you don’t have to worry about an unexpected thunderstorm affecting deadlines. It also means that your project is relying on dependable, industry-leading experts.Modular Homes Are More Environmentally Friendly

Our state-of-the-art construction method produces less waste. As a result, Agorus homes benefit your bottom line and the environment.

Curious to experience these benefits yourself? Contact our team of experts!

Prefab Builds Are Often More Cost-Effective

From lower on-site labor costs and fewer wasted materials, prefab/modular builds can often cost less than traditional residential construction.

Why Work with Us?

Our design and construction experts at Agorus are passionate about creating efficient processes, durable builds and technologically advanced methods that offer the same level of quality and reliability as traditional residential options. However, we also understand the unique challenges construction workers face every day.

By following a strict three-step process, we can help every construction company bring its customized design to life:

  • Design: We work with your team to create a plan that meets your specific requirements. We don’t begin construction until you approve the final designs.
  • Manufacturing: We make each part of the homee in a modern factory, equipped with the latest tools and materials. By combining ourresources with your design, we can make stunning modular builds in less time with less waste.
  • Transporting: Thejob doesn’t end when we finish building. Our transportation experts specialize in delivering modular components safely and promptly to your site.

Prefab construction is an innovative way to cut costs, save time, and still produce high-quality projects. We believe your construction venture deserves nothing but the best, so we use automated equipment and industry-leading designers to ensure we always manufacture expertly constructed products.

It doesn’t stop there. Argos does so much more than prefab construction. No matter what residential project you’re looking to start, we leverage modern software, automated construction technology, an accelerated building process and a promise to deliver high-quality, custom homes with unparalleled precision. Whether you’re building prefab or looking for something else, Agorus delivers in a fraction of the time and without the delays and cost overruns you would expect to see from a company in this situation.

Reach out to us at Agorus by calling 866-556-5326.


What Are the Different Types of Prefabricated Constructions?

Our team specializes in two types of prefab constructions:

  • Wood
  • Steel frame

Wood prefabricated constructions use lumber to build single or multi-family homes. They are ideal for buildings less than four stories.

Meanwhile, steel frame prefab constructions are relatively new. We use these primarily for larger constructions, such as hotels, student dorms, retirement homes, and apartment complexes.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular Home?

Construction duration varies with each job scope. For instance, manufacturing an apartment complex takes longer than getting a dorm unit constructed.

Regardless of the scope, prefabricated homes require significantly less time than conventional constructions. For example, the average conventional home takes around 30 weeks, while a modular home only takes approximately ten to 20 weeks. With Agorus, construction takes less time than with other builders.

How Much Do Modular Constructions Cost?

The cost of modular construction depends on several factors, such as project size, material quality, labor required, and more. Fortunately, modular constructions are significantly less expensive than conventional ones, saving you money regardless of the size of the undertaking.

The best way to determine the cost of your modular construction project  is by calling our Agorus team. Request your free estimate today by calling us at 866-556-5326.

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