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Reinventing Traditional Prefab Building Panels


Are you looking to make your next construction job more efficient? Contact Agorus to take advantage of next-gen, pre-made interior and exterior wall panels. We offer excellence across the board from modular builds to fully customizable residential properties, making the experience uniquely efficient, seamless, and simple every step of the way.

A Fast, Flexible, & Effective Solution for High-Performance Green Building

Construction projects take a village. From skilled labor to first-rate materials, your team relies on a lot for a successful building process. Unfortunately, weather delays, defective materials, and malfunctioning equipment can quickly hold back a project.

With so many potential setbacks, construction teams need to find ways to save time while ensuring they don’t cut corners on quality. Fortunately, prefabricated walls give you a way to do that.

Prefabricated panels are manufactured according to your specific plansbefore coming to the job site. As a result, they are installation-ready, requiring less labor and saving money..

Design with the Latest Technology

At Agorus, we know that a construction project is only as good as the durability of its materials. So we create customized prefab walls using advanced technology, the highest-quality wood, continuous insulation, and other reliable components. Our founders believe that industrialized automation is the future of the construction industry.

Our team is well-equipped and prepared to take on any wall panel design. Wework with you to customize prefab walls that fit perfectly into your building plan.

To guarantee sufficient panel installation, we’ll email you individual wall panel and layout designs before starting the manufacturing process. We don’t begin until we receive your approval.

One way we ensure accuracy is by using optimized saw cutting. Our state-of-the-art saws help us cut clean lines while using less lumber and reducing waste. As a result, we can build wall panels at a fraction of the cost while maintaining high energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Using Prefab Building Panels

Using prefabricated wall panels for your next construction job offers numerous benefits that can help boost productivity and efficiency.

We Make Prefabricated Wall Panels in a Weather-Proof Environment

Few construction projects finish without seeing weather delays. Not only can these be unpredictable, but they can create costly problems.

We manufacture your wall panels inside our factory, which means fewer delays. Making your panels off-site also means better efficiency for your team. If the weather halts your project, you can rest easy knowing that we are still making your exterior and interior wall panels on your planned schedule.

We Make Prefabricated Walls with Consistent Quality and Timely Production

Manufacturing wall panels in a factory means better consistency and predictability. We streamline inspections to deliver your panels more quickly while ensuring your satisfaction.With streamlined inspection and predictable manufacturing, you can know exactly when you’ll get your panels and know that they meet high standards.

Why Choose Agorus?

We aren’t the only company offering site efficiency through prefab wall panels. So, why choose us?

Our priority is the same as yours: to ensure that your construction project satisfies your design, time, and quality requirements. That’s why our factories have state-of-the-art, automated equipment and experts with a keen eye for detail.

We create every wood panel on a flat surface to ensure proper leveling and measurements. Our design experts are meticulous when creating a frame according to your specific design needs.

With protection from the weather and durable materials, we can help you streamline your entire construction project while enjoying impressive cost savings.

The benefits of Agorus don’t stop at wonderfully constructed prefab walls, roofs, trusses and floors. In fact, they are only a fraction of what we offer. At Agorus, we leverage modern software and automated construction technology to streamline and accelerate the home building process. We deliver unparalleled precision in a fraction of the time, without the delays and cost overruns that unfortunately have become the hallmark of the residential construction industry. We offer hands-on customization, accountability, predictability and quality control every step of the way.


Does Your Prefab Manufacturing Process Satisfy Fire Safety Standards?

We employ the latest safety precautions to protect every wall and its continuous insulation. We build every wall and frame using fire-proofing measures. Our factory also utilizes various fire-proofing practices to contain fires and protect the building’s structural integrity.

How Does Prefabricating My Wall Panels Help Reduce Costs?

Every prefabricated wall panel helps reduce costs in the following ways:

  • Reduced material cost: Our tools and factory equipment help us make panels more efficiently by wasting less material.
  • Reduced labor costs: Installing pre-made panels means less labor onsite.
  • Diminished cost of delays: Every delay costs money. By making your panels in a weather-safe environment, we can help you reduce the expenses that result from untimely delays.

Are you ready to improve construction project efficiency? Call us at Agorus at 866-556-5326 to get started.

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