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Prefabricated framing is an innovative building method that streamlines construction and increases safety and efficiency. Prefabricated building components, such as frames and roof trusses, are made in a factory and then delivered to the construction site where they are assembled. Often, assembly takes only 3-5 days to complete. Prefabricated building is a massive improvement from traditional construction that takes months of planning, coordination, and communication to do right.

The Agorus Framing Systems

At Agorus, our construction engineers and specialists have designed an integrated building process for custom homes. Using 3D modeling, robotics, and human skill, we have developed a transformative building model that ushers in a new era of efficiency and maximized revenues.

Our prefabricated framing systems are designed to the client’s exact specifications and floor plans. Then, the parts are delivered to the job site, ready to assemble. Long before assembly begins, we offer real-time fixed pricing and virtual reality design reviews, so our clients know exactly what to expect. We are proud to be at the forefront of a new era in the construction industry.

Benefits of Building with Prefabricated Framing Components

So why do clients and builders work with panelized home manufacturers offering prefabricated wall panels and components? Here are the key benefits of this high-quality building model:

  • Superior Quality Control – The traditional construction model is full of opportunities for error. Because components are built on-site, there is always the chance of miscommunication, improper installation, and other issues. Prefab components are designed to exact specifications to be weather-tight and offer superior structural integrity. This process eliminates the chance of error during assembly.
  • Faster Construction Time – Once prefab components are built in a factory, they can be shipped to the job site. The Agorus assembly usually takes between 3-5 days, depending on the size of the home. This timeline is infinitely faster than the 2-6 months it takes to build a house using traditional construction methods.
  • Improved Scheduling – The Agorus installation process is completed under the supervision of just four qualified supervisors, compared to the 6-20 workers it takes to build a home traditionally. With less on-site labor required, scheduling and communication are made easier.
  • Improved Job Site Safety – Manufacturing building parts in a factory is safer for skilled laborers who may otherwise risk injury or error as they build structural elements.
  • Eco-Friendly – The prefabrication process ensures the exact amount of material is gathered and used. This way, there is less job site waste when the process is complete.
  • Affordable – Prefabricated building is cost-effective because it requires less manual labor and less wasted material. Agorus provides clients with real-time price estimates that account for every step in the process.

About Agorus | Panelized Home Manufacturer

If you are ready to start with innovative home building, contact Agorus today. We help clients streamline their building process by addressing technology, labor, and sustainability issues in the industry.

By utilizing modern software and automated construction technology, Agorus continues to innovate to provide custom, precise solutions that resolve inefficiencies and other issues in residential home construction. Learn more about our cutting-edge technology and contact us today to start the conversation about your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are panelized construction techniques?

Panelized construction refers to producing wall sections for homes in a controlled environment. These components can be built with wood, cold-formed steel, or other materials. Then, these pre-cut components are shipped to the building site for fast assembly.

What is the fastest way to build a home?

One of the fastest ways to build a residential home is through prefabricated construction. Home components, such as roof and floor trusses, are built in a factory and then sent to the job site for assembly.

What are the advantages of prefab construction?

Prefabricated construction is faster, more precise, and less wasteful than traditional build solutions. This process ensures the efficiency and quality of buildings and saves time.

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