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Panelized Home Manufacturer Benefits


Are you looking to make your construction project more affordable and efficient without risking quality? Panelized homes enable construction teams to maximize energy efficiency and productivity while building homes.

Our expert team at Agorus manufactures top-tier panelized homes that offer better efficiency and design flexibility than conventional stick-built construction. Call us at 866-556-5326 to learn about our next-gen panelization methods.

What Is a Panelized Home?

A panelized home is a type of prefab construction. Rather than using conventional building methods, a panelized building system utilizes advanced technology, a controlled factory environment, and high-quality materials in an off-site location.

At Agorus, we use modern technology and industry-leading designers to create a modular home that boasts greater efficiency and reduced construction time compared to a stick-built home.

Why Choose a Panelized Home?

Every building project requires unique tools, equipment, and designs. So, why choose a panelized home over conventional construction?

Average Cost

Panelized homes cost significantly less than conventional homes. This reduced cost is due to the following:

  • Reduced labor requirements onsite
  • More efficient manufacturing processes
  • Fewer project delays

The average cost for a panelized home ranges from $100 to $250 per square foot. However, project costs vary depending on the size of wall sections, interior finishes, frame construction type, and other factors.

Construction Style

Constructing panels and other components in a manufacturing facility allows you to use similar conventional building methods. However, the main difference is that your team receives prefabricated walls, ready for installation upon reaching your job site.

Design Flexibility

A panelized wall system offers greater design flexibility than conventional construction by having fewer layout limitations.

The Process of Building a Panelized Home

The panelized system process is an exercise in efficiency.. First, our engineers at Agorus will meet with you to discuss your construction objectives, design goals, and cost estimates.

Next, we’ll email you the design layouts for all wall panels and other components to confirm they meet your specifications. Then, upon your approval, we’ll get to work.

We manufacture our modular homes in a controlled work environment protected from weather delays. We also use cutting-edge technologies and meticulous attention-to-detail for every part of your custom home project.

Once we finish building, we’ll deliver the finished material to your construction site. When we arrive, we’ll deliver pre-built and ready-to-install walls for your panelized home.

What Are the Benefits of a Panelized Home?

The benefits of a panelized home extend well beyond cost savings and quality construction.

Precision Manufacturing

Every construction site uses conventional tools like hammers, nails, drills, saws, and nail guns. However, our factory also guides the process using a 3D CAD program for accurate designs and precision manufacturing.

Faster On-Site Construction

Prefab homes help keep your team on schedule by reducing construction time on-site. We can often manufacture wall panels in as few as two weeks, helping your team reduce on-site construction time.

Minimized On-Site Waste

Construction sites are notorious for generating waste and debris. Agorus creates wall panels in our controlled environment requiring minimal cutting. Wesignificantly reduce material waste and debris on thesite.

The Agorus Difference

At Agorus, we understand the value of a custom home. We treat every project as if we were building our own home, so we take the time to design and perfect each home’s panels.

What makes us different from the rest? We believe that a successful construction technique requires considering two points-of-view: the builders’ and the homeowners’.

Construction workers need reliable materials that help them build homes more efficiently. Meanwhile, homeowners want reliable and quality home construction.

We keep both of these in mind during the manufacturing process, guaranteeing exceptional results for all parties involved.

Why Choose Us for Panelized Home Construction?

Our goal is to not only manufacture a new home’s panels quickly but to do so in a way that saves money and boosts efficiency. Our panelized construction experts know what it takes to create an energy-efficient and effective construction process.



Do Your Panelized Homes and Wall Panels Satisfy Local Building Codes?

We know that building homes requires more than innovative design and high-quality materials. Meeting strict building codes is also crucial for ensuring safety and reliability.

Our team has extensive knowledge of local building codes and we ensures that your design satisfies them before we begin construction. In addition, we consider every aspect of the local area, including requirements for high winds, snow, and more.

How Accurate Are Energy-Efficient Panelized Homes?

By using CAD (computer-assisted design) programs, we can build panels with accuracy down to 1/16″. As a result, we can bring virtually any design to life, using a highly energy-efficient building process.

At Agorus, we strive to help construction teams make projects more efficient while creating high-quality homes for aspiring homeowners. Panelized systems make it easy to create stunning homes at a fraction of the cost.

Are you ready to embrace the numerous advantages of panelized home systems? Call our Agorus team at 866-556-5326 to get started.

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