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Are you looking to build a prefab home? Agorus can help. Not only does Agorus offer top-of-the-line prefab builds, but we take customization miles further. We make it possible to digitally design your home down to every last finishing nail.

A Fast, Flexible, & Effective Solution for High-Performance Green Building

Prefabricated or “prefab” homes are residential pieces of construction that are manufactured off-site and then transported to your property to be assembled. These homes are known for their quick turnaround, their flexibility in design, and their environmental impact.

Advantages of a Prefab Home From Agorus

  • Customization – Agorus is known for offering customization in design down to the millimeter and prefab homes make that easy. There are hundreds of styles, floor plans, and more you can choose to end up with the perfect home for you. With today’s residential builds, it’s hard to achieve that kind of flexibility in a build. Agorus offers it with prefabs, but also with other types of builds as well.
  • Efficiency – These homes are quick to construct. From the start of the design process to the time you see it finished – it usually takes around 9 months. With Agorus, this time is reduced thanks to our digital and automated processes. Prefabs also have fewer delays on average due to their components being built off-site, in a factory.
  • Cost – Prefab homes can be more affordable to build than traditional properties. Because materials are constructed off-site, you need less labor on-site for the assembly. This cuts down labor costs.
  • Environmental Impact – Due to the model of construction, less materials are often wasted on average than with other builds. Their reduced building time and energy efficiency also make them green champions.

Stylish and Efficient Prefabricated Homes

Your construction project relies on expertise, efficiency, style, and, most importantly, the quality of materials.

At Agorus, we know that a construction project is only as good as the durability of its materials. So we create customized prefab builds using advanced technology, higher-quality wood, continuous insulation, and other reliable components. Our founders believe that industrialized automation is the future of the construction industry.

Our team is well-equipped and prepared to take on any customized design. No matter the size of your project our team works with you to customize a prefab build that fits perfectly into your building plan. This way, you end up with a residential space that reflects you, not something that your builder copy and pasted across every build in your neighborhood.

The Impact of a Weather-Proof Environment

Few construction projects finish without seeing one or two delays due to weather. Not only can these be unpredictable, but they can create costly problems.

Prefab materials are constructed inside a factory, which means fewer delays. Making your build off-site also means better efficiency for your team. If the weather halts your project, you can rest easy knowing that your project is still in the works.

Why Choose Agorus?

We aren’t the only company offering site efficiency through prefab build. So, why choose us?

  • Experience
  • Sustainability
  • Beauty

The benefits of Agorus don’t stop at wonderfully constructed prefab homes. In fact, they are only a fraction of what we offer. At Agorus, we aim to leverage modern software and automated construction technology to streamline and accelerate the home building process. We deliver unparalleled precision in a fraction of the time, without the delays and cost overruns that have become the hallmarks of the residential construction industry. We offer hands-on customization, accountability, predictability and quality control every step of the way.

Build Your Custom Home to Perfection

Whether you’re looking to build a prefab home or something entirely different, Agorus can help you build your custom property to perfection. Are you ready to improve construction project efficiency? Call us at Agorus at 866-556-5326 to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is prefab cheaper than building?

Prefab homes can be more affordable to build than traditional properties. Because materials are constructed off-site, you need less labor on-site for the assembly. It ultimately depends on who you choose as your builder.


What is the difference between modular and prefab?

Prefab refers to construction that is assembled from prefabricated materials, or materials that originated off-site from where the build is taking place. Modular homes are a type of prefab home built in a factory section by section in an off-site facility.

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