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Prefabricated Frames and Trusses


Prefabricated frames and trusses are factory-built components that make on-site construction more efficient and less wasteful. With prefab materials, building processes run smoothly and require less on-site labor, increasing construction speed. Once prefab materials are shipped to the building site, they can usually be assembled within a few days.

Prefabricated frames and trusses are used in the design and construction of homes to support the structure. Prefab frames outline the size and layout of the house, and trusses are triangulated components used to support the roof load. In the traditional construction of residential homes, these elements are assembled on-site and by hand. While the tools to create these parts have evolved, the construction process has not. Traditional building often leads to delays, miscommunication, and lack of quality control.

But with prefabricated components, builders, homeowners, and construction personnel no longer have to struggle with these frustrations.


Experienced Frame and Truss Manufacturers

At Agorus, we are engineering a transformative new model in homebuilding. Our prefab parts are the result of collaboration between skilled tradesmen, automation specialists, and construction technologists who believe in improving the building process for everyone.

Our prefab frame and truss components help ensure quality, timeliness, and a smoother building process. In addition to manufacturing prefab components, we offer virtual reality design review, foundation coordination, fast installation, and a final rough trade scan. The Agorus experts are here to help you streamline your next build with a fast and transparent process.


Our Pre-Fabrication Process

So, how does the Agorus prefabrication process work? Here is how we approach each project:

  1. Digitization – First, we build a digital version of your home customized to your plans. Our digital model represents every component of the house in 3D space. To generate this model, our team uses proprietary construction software that gives builders access to bills of material, real-time price estimates, virtual reality walk-throughs, and more.
  2. Construction – Next, our software-driven robotics construct each component of the home. Our technology constructs custom walls, floors, wall panels, and roof components to exact specifications. Our robotics operate in a state-of-the-art, 1,500-square-foot facility that provides a controlled environment for construction.
  3. Installation – Once constructed, we transport the prefab home components to your job site. After the materials arrive, they are installed by skilled tradesmen under the supervision of our installation team. This process is swift compared to the traditional building; a 2500-square-foot home can usually be built within 3-5 days.


Why Choose Prefab Trusses and Frames?

There are many benefits to choosing prefabricated trusses and frames for your home build:

  • Increased Safety and Quality – Because prefabricated components are shipped to building sites ready to go, building teams can trust in the quality of the material. Under the traditional construction model, conventional roof framing and other parts were built on-site. This ran the risk of damage and lack of quality control. Prefab roof trusses and components not only improve quality but also reduce the chance of potential error and injury for workers.
  • More Efficient Scheduling – The Agorus installation process is completed under the supervision of just four qualified installers. Traditionally, construction sites use 6-20 people to complete a single project. With fewer workers on site, communication and scheduling are made simple. Plus, teams won’t have to battle building codes and inclement weather due to the shorter length of the project.
  • Improved Process – The process of prefabricating parts to exact specifications is faster, more accurate, and delivers a guaranteed product. The Agorus method improves upon traditional construction at every level.


Contact Agorus Today

If you are ready to build residential housing with unprecedented speed and precision, contact Agorus today. We’ll walk you through every step of our process and show you how we can streamline your next build, so it’s cost-effective and engineered to your specifications.

Start the conversation today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are prefabricated roof trusses?

A prefabricated roof truss is a triangulated structure that supports a home’s roof and outside wall frames. Prefab roof trusses are manufactured before construction begins and then assembled quickly on-site.


What is an example of a truss?

A simple example of a truss is the traditional diamond-shaped bicycle frame. This truss uses two conjoined triangles to form its shape.


What is a prefabricated frame?

A prefabricated frame can refer to many different types of frames (home frame, office building frame, etc.) This component is manufactured using prefabrication and then delivered to the building site for assembly.

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