ONE Shell

Homes Weather Protected and Insulated on Day 1

Unpredictable weather is becoming the norm. Isn’t it time we stop letting our projects get ruined by the storms and vandalism, causing more re-work and warranty issues? Don’t be caught out in the rain or be stuck with a bill for stolen goods. ONE Shell includes all the components of ONE Frame, but adds doors, windows, insulation, and the components to keep your home protected. You can lock the doors and walk away from the job site with confidence.

With ONE Shell, you will also receive integrated energy engineering plans for permitting.
Consider all the steps involved in your timeline. Agorus reduces those steps. We provide more design and value engineering by linking your rough trades, preplanned, and connected early in the design phase when it is free and digital.

As with all our products, the ONE Phase installation time is only a few days. But with ONE Shell you’re getting three additional critical trades included in our manufactured panels, and you’re protected on day ONE.


The ONE Shell product suite comes with three different grade levels. See the chart below to compare your options.

Grade AGrade BGrade C
WoodWood material tier 1
Wood material tier 2
Column #2Column #3
FloorColumn #1Column #1Column #2
CeilingsColumn #3Column #3Column #3


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