ONE Frame

Complete Off-Site Framing Package

Framing is one of the largest items on your bid. It’s also one the most dangerous and labor intensive.

The Agorus ONE Frame product delivers all the framing components for the entire structure, normally managed by a framing company. Agorus takes one of your largest factors and shrinks your framing time down to 1/3 the time of a traditional build. And because the timeline is shortened, it significantly reduces safety concerns, on-site waste, and the impact to the neighborhood.

ONE Frame gives you a precision built, high-grade chassis upon which all the other trades are built, but to a much higher specification. We invite you to see this finished product for yourself to understand the value it can provide your bottom line. The premium grade lumber we provide at a competitive price results in a tight and straight finished home.

The preplanning in our ONE Frame product shortens your framing timeline. We will conduct pre-coordination with your MEP teams to mitigate any clashes before they get on site. Our value engineering beyond the framing stage will facilitate better communication across all your teams. It is not uncommon to reduce a 9-month timeline to 4 months, just by delivering high-quality framing that was preplanned with all the other rough trades.


The ONE Frame product suite comes with three different grade levels. See the chart below to compare your options.

Grade AGrade BGrade C
WoodWood material tier 1
Wood material tier 2
Column #2Column #3
FloorColumn #1Column #1Column #2
CeilingsColumn #3Column #3Column #3

“One of the unique things our Construction Superintendent noted when he went to the job site was how quiet it was. Normally, you have many people sawing away and generating noise.”

– Chris Hall, Hallmark Communities


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