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Agorus’® First Open House: A Conversation About How We Can Collectively Solve America’s Housing Crisis


Agorus recently held its first Open House to demonstrate our game-changing, vertically integrated home-building process. The event drew in investors, builders, developers, and architects interested in learning how our software and smart robotics, combined with skilled labor, are revolutionizing the way homes are built while increasing productivity, promoting sustainability, and saving time and money.

One of the highlights of the open house was a visit to Hallmark’s Daybreak Community and a video demonstration of Agorus’ team framing their 6-plex townhome in just 16 days with a crew of 4 installers, all while producing less than 5% waste. This impressive performance showcased how Agorus ONE Frame™ can provide budget and schedule certainty, improve safety, reduce theft, and significantly boost quality in home construction. You can read more about Agorus’ collaboration with Hallmark in our article featuring Hallmark CEO Chris Hall.

We really enjoyed bringing so many industry experts together for this conversation about how we can collectively solve America’s housing crisis. The atmosphere was warm, inviting, and exciting, creating an environment where industry leaders, builders, and investors could actively engage with each other and network with other industry experts.

We hope that for those of you who attended, the event provided information and ideas on how you can help to overcome America’s housing shortage. This was only the first of several Open Houses that Agorus will hold this year. Add your contact information if you would like to be added to our mailing list to learn more about Agorus’ events and other news.




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