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Construction Genius: Permit To Keys In 30 Days!


Want to build a home faster, better, and more sustainably? Prefabrication is the key. Today’s guest is Garrett Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Agorus, offering prefab offsite solutions that can transform how we build homes. He joins host Eric Anderton to explain prefabrication and clear up some misconceptions. Garret dives deep into the positive impact of the new tech on labor, cost, and time for contractors, developers, and homeowners. Listen as they discuss why leaning into this technology can also help issues surrounding housing and the environment. Stay tuned!

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Using the latest digital software, proprietary robotics and modern home building techniques to build custom homes, check out #Agorus: one source for delivering finished, precision-built solutions to the job site. In THREE steps.

Discover one of the possible ways we can solve the housing shortage problem in the market with Garrett Moore of Agorus in today’s episode. Listen in to learn how they leverage technology to accelerate home construction so you can achieve your dream home without the hassle of traditional home building.

You might see two common denominators in these life shaping experiences – a love of high performing teams and fearlessness in the face of challenges. Garrett and his co-founder Kyle run headlong into the fray when most would hesitate. He is wholly committed to solving America’s elusive housing crisis.

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