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Using the latest digital software, proprietary robotics and modern home building techniques to build custom homes, check out #Agorus: one source for delivering finished, precision-built solutions to the job site. In THREE steps.

Discover one of the possible ways we can solve the housing shortage problem in the market with Garrett Moore of Agorus in today’s episode. Listen in to learn how they leverage technology to accelerate home construction so you can achieve your dream home without the hassle of traditional home building.

You might see two common denominators in these life shaping experiences – a love of high performing teams and fearlessness in the face of challenges. Garrett and his co-founder Kyle run headlong into the fray when most would hesitate. He is wholly committed to solving America’s elusive housing crisis.

On this week’s show, we’re talking to prefabricated housing expert Garrett Moore. He is the founder and CEO of Agorus, Inc, a technology-driven prefab home builder based in Southern California. “I want to build the technology that builds homes for clients that are faster, cheaper, and greener.”

Your morning shot of what’s new in the world of real estate investing. Featuring Garrett Moore.

The greatest leaders take on the toughest challenges. Successfully driving cutting-edge innovation in the home building industry is an enormous challenge. Garrett Moore, the CEO of Agorus, has a mission of building homes from permits to keys in 30 days. How does a leader maintain the level of intensity and focus needed to tackle the boldest initiatives?

The way we build homes hasn’t changed in over a century. And with an unprecedented demand for new housing across the country, we can’t build fast enough. My guest today has built a business that leverages technology to reverse the dire housing crisis by building custom homes in less than five days.

Garrett Moore is a former Navy SEAL, and the founder of Agorus, a company tackling the housing shortage, the labor shortage and using software and robotics to build houses in days instead of months.How would a team of Navy SEALS build 500 houses. Misconceptions about being a NAVY SEAL. The biggest killer of teamwork. And more.

Former Navy seal, Stanford engineer and real estate developer Garrett Moore shares how technology has made it possible to build a home in just 3 to 5 days!

Industrialization within the construction industry has the potential to help solve the nation’s housing crisis. Offsite construction can lead to greater efficiencies within the industry, and better quality and lower prices for consumers.

Want to build a home faster, better, and more sustainably? Prefabrication is the key. Today’s guest is Garrett Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Agorus, offering prefab offsite solutions that can transform how we build homes. He joins host Eric Anderton to explain prefabrication and clear up some misconceptions.

California builder Hallmark Communities and prefab panel manufacturer Agorus team up to assemble six attached townhomes in three days

At Agorus, we believe that learning is a lifelong process. That’s why we were excited to dedicate an entire day to a company-wide workshop. The workshop brought together experts in a range of fields, from leadership and communication to project management and lean concepts.

In September, our CEO Garrett Moore was a panelist at the Builder PropTech Virtual Event. The event focused on redefining building through technology, which is exactly what Agorus is all about.

Construction technology, like the overall industry, seems to be weathering the current economic downturn. Contech is performing strongly along with other construction sectors such as industrial and infrastructure, even as experts debate whether the overall economy is in recession. Agorus aims to help address the housing crisis by building homes more cheaply.

Agorus Raises $10M for Precision Construction Platform. Agorus CEO Garrett Moore has set a high goal for his construction technology company. “At scale, our vision as a company is to be the largest builder in the country by the end of the decade,”.

Founded by Garrett Moore and Kyle Tompane, prefab startup Agorus aims to combat the housing shortage by facilitating the transition to customizable, off-site construction.

Founded in 2019 and based in San Diego, CA, AGORUS is eliminating many of the risks and inefficiencies associated with traditional homebuilding through its full-stack, software and hardware platform. By streamlining the way residential developers approach construction, AGORUS is vertically integrating and automating offsite manufacturing in three phases.

Best Startup California gathered info on over 300,000 companies in the construction industry in the state of California. They then ranked the top 101 companies based on their track record, executive leadership, market share, innovation, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governing) rating. Every company ranked is inspiring, and Agorus is honored to be placed am

When it comes to high-tech construction, framers are fitted for tech. The construction industry should embrace that.

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