Building residential housing with unparalleled precision and unprecedented speed.

Is it possible to digitally design a home down to every last millimeter and finishing nail? Or tour every room and hallway before it’s even built? Or complete a home onsite with only a crew of four? Ask yourself: What if you could build an American dream home in 5 days instead of four painful months?

It’s all happening at Agorus.

Technology for the American Dream.


Traditional homebuilding is

slow and unpredictable.

Most residential construction is done on-site, by hand, the way it has been done for over 120 years. While the tools have improved, the process of construction hasn’t. With different groups responsible for different parts of the process there is little accountability, predictability or quality control.


By leveraging modern software and automated construction technology, Agorus has streamlined and accelerated the home building process. This allows us to deliver homes of unparalleled precision in a fraction of the time and without the delays and cost overruns that have become the hallmarks of the residential construction industry.


Agorus® homebuilding is

fast and reliable


2-4 months

6-20 craftsmen and laborers

Disaggregate rough trades

Engineering costs $6-$8K

Floating materials cost estimates

Expensive change order costs

Continuous cleanup


3-5 days

4 installers

Unified trades integration

Engineering costs included

Fixed materials cost estimate

Guaranteed product

Near zero cleanup

Our Process

Our technology empowers builders to construct better homes in three simple phases.

Phase 1


Agorus builds a complete digital version of the home from your custom plans. Every piece of material is represented and placed in 3D space.


Phase 2


Software-driven robotics construct each component of the home in our climate-controlled facility.


Phase 3


Components are shipped & assembled
on-site in days, not months.

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