Saddlebrooke Ranch

Robson Resort Communities | Tucson, AZ

Homes a Month
5000 home master-plan community building at production level pace
Plan Options
With 15 base floor plans and up to 20 options, every home is unique

Seeing is Believing

A framing production company had been building Robson’s homes for years. They even had a panel production operation that serviced other large production builders, but this operation could not produce the volume and customization Robson required, so every home on this community was built manually on site. The homes at Robson’s Saddlebrooke Ranch community have so many different plans, with 10-20 different options for each of those plans, that each home is unique.

Speed Meets Quality

Enter the technology, speed, and quality of Agorus. As a believer in the future of offsite construction, the owner of the production framing company sought out Agorus to see if teaming up could help grow his operation. When Agorus introduced him to our advanced software customization, production automation, and high quality lumber, it was all smiles and opportunity.

At our Saddlebrooke Ranch community, we offer over 1100 different floorplan combinations to our customers. We needed a partner who could create a high degree of optionality-at-scale. Agorus was uniquely qualified to deliver.

Matt Guelich, Senior Vice President / Robson Communities, Inc.

Record Time...

Within one-week of receiving plans in November 2022, Agorus delivered the first build to the site.

To insure the ONE Phase install was a success, Agorus sent their mobile training crew to the first build in Tucson, and because Agorus was new to the production framing site crew, many of them came to watch the installation. Their supervisor even came back from a hunting trip.

The production framing site crew met the truck to review the quality and immediately commented on the premium lumber. As the panels and walls were installed, they took measurements and inspected tolerances. Everything in these large unique homes fit into place perfectly, down to the last panel that was placed before the end of the first day.

“You Have to See This...”

The Project Manager called Matt Guelich, taken aback, “You have to get out here and see this. It’s the best quality product I’ve ever seen in 35 years.” Like most in this industry, Matt was familiar with panels, but on arriving to the sites this was clearly something different, a truly better product.

The production framing company & Agorus built almost 90 homes for Robson. Not only did we help them meet their demanding schedule, but we actually moved them ahead of the pace.

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