West Point Custom Homes | Coronado, CA

Faster Build
Our One Frame Product alone shaved a typical 4-5 months trade down to 2 weeks
Total Waste
By digitally planning every detail, the total lifecycle waste for this build was near zero


When the Agorus team was writing their first business plan in 2019, they met Cory Brizendine. Cory was a career builder, framer, and craftsman. He knows the industry inside & out. His standards for building specifications are higher than any other Agorus customer. His son was our first employee who helped us build the Agorus factory. Cory also introduced us to Cris Castro, who was our first general contractor and framer on Glenavon. So, we were thrilled when Cory came back to us to build a project for him on Coronado Island four years later.

There is no way a career craftsman could build a home of this quality & finish. I’ll never go back to building the same way again.

Cory Brizendine – Pomona project

Four months vs. two weeks

The Pomona project is a massive custom home. It is three-stories with a basement and a large rooftop deck.

One of our most ambitious homes-to-date, it is full of unique details. Pomona went up quickly, installing the basement walls in a day, the main level floors installed the next day, and onward each day till the last roof panel was installed. All told, Agorus’ ONE Frame product enabled Cory to shave months off of his typical build schedule, shrinking a four month scope-of-work to two weeks.

Fit and Finish

Certainly, the speed with which we build and install a home is impressive, but if quality ever suffers, Agorus and its customers will not be successful. Not only was the Pomona project completed in two weeks, but the quality of the materials and finish details exceeded the high expectations of one of the industry’s best. After the working day was done and as the sun was setting, we went to the site and encountered Cory walking through the project. Cory was smiling and shaking his head in disbelief. “I’m thinking about all of the back-breaking work I would normally have to do. This is the best quality work I’ve ever seen, something no human craftsman could accomplish. I’ll never go back to building the old way again”.

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