Daybreak Townhomes

Hallmark Communities | El Cajon, CA

Homes Built
Multi-family development of 2 story townhomes built in 6 phases 
Days Per Townhome
Each 2 story townhome was built and completed roof inspection


Chris Hall, President of Hallmark Communities had a vision to leverage modern construction technologies to rethink the way a community was built. Partnering with Agorus, he employed our ONE Frame product for the entire Daybreak community and 7-plexes of townhomes were built in only ONE Phase.

Creating Digital Twins

With Agorus ONE Plan™ engineering software we created digital twins of the homes. This digital BIM model allowed Hallmark to complete a virtual walk-through of the homes, including all MEP planning, as part of the pre-planning process.

Our Construction Superintendent couldn't believe how quiet the job site was. Normally, you have many people pounding and sawing away, generating noise. It was amazingly quiet.


Build Digitally

Agorus technologies were deployed to create these homes with a level of precision to 1/16” accuracy.

All framing components were of premium-grade lumber from the mill, purchased earlier at a guaranteed rate. This is critical to ensuring a fast and successful assembly process for each two story townhome that total approximately 2000 sq. ft. with a garage. With premium quality materials to reduce re-work time in the finish phases and with pre-planned MEP routing, cut to streamline follow-on electrical, plumbing, and HVAC subtrades.

Get Wasted

Daybreak Community began in July 2022. Hallmark reduced the time needed for all framing services to roof nail inspection by two-thirds time, while reducing on-site construction material waste to less than 5%.

This small pile pictured is the total waste from the build of four separate townhomes

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