Avenue Homes | Santa Monica, CA

Company Project
The first home of Agorus, and also the first of its kind in the country
High-End Custom
Sold early 2021 in one of the premier Santa Monica, CA neighborhoods  

Let’s see what you can do

Brandon was a start-up entrepreneur who built high-end, single-family homes and urban multi-family homes in Los Angeles. He had a tried-and-true professional crew & process that allowed them to build 50+ homes a year. Brandon knew the construction industry had to change and once he saw our vision and visited our first factory, there was clear alignment between our businesses. The current way of working was expensive and time consuming, so, he gave us the plans and said, “Let’s see what you can do”.

Glenavon was the first project Agorus did as a company. Why Brandon Hance of Avenue Homes hired Agorus to provide the framing for a $4M high end home in Santa Monica is still a mystery.

I wanted an innovative solution because my operations were hitting a ceiling. When I met these guys and got to know them, their background and their vision, yes they were early stage, but I knew I could trust that at the end of the day they were going to make it right.

Brandon Hance – Avenue Homes

Humble beginnings

We were beyond scrappy in those days. No one had done this before.

An entire home, every panel of the walls, floors, stairs, vaulted ceilings, and roofs built offsite with software & hardware automation. The first thing we did was onboard Chis Castro, a career GC & framer with the expertise we needed to guide the project. Founders Kyle Tompane and Garrett Moore were the draftsman for the first digital twin and the crane operators for the install.

A season of firsts

Despite the odds against us, we assembled the house in ten days and, after what seemed like 100 trips back and forth from San Diego where this early team learned personally about all the details needed to build a home, Agorus’ first home was complete. Glenavon is a modern, two-story, 3,412 square foot home with 18 ft folding doors to the pool & patio. It was the first home of its kind in the country built fully offsite with digital systems. It will always serve as the symbol of Agorus’ grit to overcome challenges.

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