East & West Cottages

Flagg Coastal Homes | Coronado, CA

Months Saved
Typical 8+ month to rough trades complete was reduced to 4 months
Weeks Install
Agorus installed every single part of these homes in only 10 working days

A Tale of Two Cottages

East and West Cottages served as a co-laboratory for Flagg and Agorus, creating a new way to streamline custom home construction. West Cottage was built in a more traditional construction method first. Then Flagg was able to push the limit on East Cottage by taking advantage of the significant new opportunities provided by the Agorus construction system.

VR/Robotics Become a Reality

West Cottage presented the AGORUS team with a challenge. High end homes always require many strangely shaped panels that no existing automation was capable of building. We used Virtual Reality (VR) modeling to facilitate the planning phase. Then we created a new, patented production line robotics to produce a wider variety of panels.

Flagg Custom Homes - Agorus

I’ve long been a believer in off-site construction. I knew the strength of Agorus’ technology and manufacturing process. So, when these two homes were proposed, I had just the team to build them.


Flagg Custom Homes - Agorus


West Cottage was built and delivered to the site in 10 days...

Flagg and its rough trades couldn’t believe the speed & accuracy of the Agorus ONE Frame Product.  Typically, framing was a 90-120 day process. So, Flagg quickly adapted.  With the window order and delivery becoming the new critical path for Flagg, they coordinated all the trades to the new timeline. Flagg finished East Cottage in record time. 

The Cottages became the launching pad for what is now the Agorus ONE Phase model  – Using VR to inspect all the rough trade designs in the planning & engineering phase. This Agorus model now makes possible the installation of a single, coordinated product.

Agorus, assemble

East Cottage was assembled on-site in six days. A few days later the electrical and HVAC was completed. John O’Brien’s typical nine-month timeline to reach rough trade inspection was now finished in under four months.

East and West Cottages are the first in a story that continues to be told, and played a critical role in pushing the boundaries of the Agorus ONE Phase solution.

Flagg Custom Homes - Agorus
Flagg Custom Homes - Agorus
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