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At Agorus, we believe that learning is a lifelong process. That’s why we were excited to dedicate an entire day to a company-wide workshop. The workshop brought together experts in a range of fields, from leadership and communication to project management and lean concepts.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the opportunity to learn from the executive team at DRP Construction, Charlie Dunn, Ray Boff, and Scott Brown shared their insights and expertise, helping us all to become better leaders, communicators, and project managers. We were particularly impressed by their focus on self-organizing systems and trust, which are key components of our culture at Agorus.

Charlie Dunn, DPR’s Project Storyteller, has an impressive track record of success in the construction industry. His leadership and vision have helped DPR become one of the most innovative and respected general contractors in the world. Ray Boff, DPR’s National Prefab Leader, is an expert in organizational development and human resources. His insights into self-organizing systems and trust were particularly valuable. Finally, Scott Brown, DPR’s National Timber SME, shared his expertise in project management, lean concepts, and communication.

The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for us all to come together as a company and learn from each other. We gained new skills and approaches that we can apply to our work every day, and we developed a deeper appreciation for the importance of communication, trust, and self-organizing systems. We are grateful to the DPR team for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us, and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow together.




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