Customized to Your Permitted

Plans and Delivered in Days

Virtual Reality Multi-Trade


Precision Built with

Top-Grade Lumber




With an overwhelming increase in demand to build more and a decreasing workforce to meet that demand, there is only one way to scale your business:

Increase productivity with fewer workers

Our Agorus® Precision Walls reduce the time and significant costs of building walls.





  • Significantly increase the speed of construction
  • Reduce number of laborers on-site
  • Fully customizable to 1/16th of an inch
  • Solve inter-trade problems
  • Make planning and building processes easier
  • Competitively priced

Contact us and start planning to scale your business today


Agorus build quality starts with the highest grade timber the industry provides, at the same price you would pay for the basic #2 Green standard.


M - Class is an unquestionable class leader

Milled for Agorus. Our base product uses a specialized premium cut of #1 Kiln Dried lumber from the mills that we have partnered with to meet our exacting standards. With computer driven precision and lumber quality far above the #2 green industry standard, you and your follow-on trades will realize efficiency gains that only Agorus can provide.


S-Class is the next evolution in build quality with:

Straight and true finish surfaces, thanks to the Engineered Wood Products (EWP) in the top & bottom plates and every load bearing beam and a near airtight Weather Resistant Barrier (WRB). Adding to the efficiencies gained from the M-Class premium line, you and your customers will appreciate the top-of-the-line lifetime durability.




The speed and completion benefits of our precision walls increase with the addition of our pre-construction engineering services and more trade products.

Structural engineering

Complete structural engineering plans and calculations ready for city submittal

Value engineering to optimize your build

Integrated with additional trades

Trades - Structural Addon

Energy Engineering

Complete energy engineering plans and calculations ready for city submittal

Integration with additional project trades

Provide additional value to your clients

Complete project design value engineering

Trades - Engineering Addon

MEPF Engineering

Complete MEPF engineering plans and calculations for city submittal

Value engineering to optimize your build

Trades - MEPF Engineering Addon

Framing & Hardware

Complete framing and hardware on-site services

Precision automated construction solution

Patented Agorus method integrates trades

Trades - Framing Addon

Windows, Doors, WRB

Secure & dry shell in days

Minimize weather delays and damage

Lock and protect your site right away

Near air-tight envelope with Zip System Sheathing


Electrical & Low Voltage

Electrical wiring & rough-ins

No cutting, drilling, or mapping, just connect

Panel load centers included

Solar power, A/C, and other non-standard wiring optional

Cut weeks off your project timeline

Trades - Electrical and LowVoltage Addon



We give you up front pricing based on an automated pricing model. And we commit to it, everytime. No changes based on availability, no hidden change orders, and standard payment terms. Transparent pricing is the first step to the guaranteed product you need.

Financial Charts
Agorus walls 3d rendering
Virtual Reality

Now it's possible to know all the details of your custom build before it's built! With the power of Virtual Reality (VR), the entire team can do a site walk through to ensure the build is perfect before a single board is even cut. Collaboration for all with Agorus Construction VR.


Nothing is left to the unknown with the capability of an on-site point cloud scanner. With the latest in construction technology we can scan pre-pour, post-pour, and after the project is complete. Meshing the digital and real world with 1/16” accuracy.


A Complete Solution

Agorus’ construction solution enables you to outpace the competition with a complete customized 21st century product.

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