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  • PRESS RELEASE - Greg Otto joins AGORUS as VP of Growth and Construction
  • INDUSTRY DIVE - 6 of the summer’s top contech funding rounds
  • Best Startup - Best Startup California gathered info on over 300,000 companies in the construction industry in the state of California. They then ranked the top 101 companies based on their track record, executive leadership, market share, innovation, and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governing) rating. Every company ranked is inspiring, and Agorus is honored to be placed among them. There are so many construction companies that are elevating homebuilding and advancing our industry into a world where construction is modernized and more sustainable. Agorus is excited to continue to innovate and create new solutions to solve the housing crisis in America. We encourage you to support each of the companies listed and follow their journey of how they are changing the way the world builds. read here.

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